Am I Really Pregnant?!


When you first tell the fellow women in your family/friend circle, expect nothing from them but their pregnancy horror stories, it's enough to wonder how their still alive and kicking, you see them more of pregnancy survivors than women, I'm joking but seriously it's dramatic! So as you can imagine my anticipation waiting to spend my morning, noons and nights sat next to the toilet whilst eating pickles from the jar, sucking on ice cubes was excruciating! 

I felt a little nauseous at the beginning of my pregnancy but nothing compared to what I was warned was going to happen and I took a liking to apple juice (I've always liked apple juice, I just drank A LOT of it) and so I guessed that it was a craving because I enjoyed drinking it, so I took it that this was just the beginning and the worst was yet to come. 

It was at I'd say roughly 10 weeks pregnant (I hadn't had my scan yet so I can't be too sure) that I started getting worried about not experiencing morning sickness and cravings, it had been so drummed into me that EVERYONE who was/is pregnant went through it and I understood that maybe I was a bit late but I just knew that I was getting to the stage of pregnancy where morning sickness was supposed to be coming to an end soon so I confided in my midwife and she assured me that some people experience all pregnancy symptoms and others don't have any.. I generally think I'd have been one of the women who didn't know they were pregnant until they were giving birth it was only because of the dream I had which persuaded me to get a pregnancy test that I found out (you can read my finding out I was pregnant story here). 

It was then time for my first scan and my excitement quickly turned to nerves because I was so convinced by this time that they were going to tell me I wasn't pregnant or something was seriously wrong or like I joked with my partner and family that I was just really constipated and I'd have to give birth to a turd instead of a baby... I had to lighten to mood somehow to mask the worry everyone told me not to worry about. 

I'm going to share my first scan experience in another blog post but as you can imagine the relief I felt to find out that it was, in fact, a baby in my stomach and not... you know, a big poo! But in all seriousness don't ever compare others pregnancies to your own sure share stories and compare but don't worry because someone else pregnancy was/is any different to yours, we're all different humans carrying other unique humans and so our experiences are going to be different too. 

I didn't get away scot-free though, I did/am suffering from the worst migraines ever and I've never experienced a pain so blinding before, literally! 

If you have any worries don't hesitate to reach out to your midwife/doctor or the emergency contact numbers you should have in your notes!

See you soon,


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