15 Things EVERYONE asks when they find out you're expecting!


So you tell someone you're expecting and the congratulations have been said and done, then they do this really annoying thing and get all up in your business, oh and stomach and start asking lots of unwanted questions! 

1. "Do you want a boy or girl?"
 A boy, No Girl... Stop making me feel guilty, as long as the baby is healthy OK.

2. "Are you going to find out the gender?" 
Regardless of my answer, you'll have an opinion on it 

3. "Any morning sickness?"
Yeah, I think... run!!... It's coming!!

4. "What have you been craving?"
Human Flesh and you smell great! mwhahahaha 

5. "We could go out for a drink, but you're pregnant"
Oh, WHAT?! I'm pregnant? really? Me? I wouldn't have realized had you not of reminded me, thanks for that.

6. "Baby's are expensive"
So is going on holiday but we all manage. 

7. "Are you ready to start a family?"
A bit late for that now Sheela. 

8. "I was 'X' age when I got pregnant"
Awww... good for you!

9. "Was it planned?"
Did I use protection or not? That's a bit personal 

10. "Can I touch your bump?"
Only if I can touch yours... 

11. "Say goodbye to wearing your nice clothes"
This the best excuse to get a whole new wardrobe & to live in PJs, win-win 

12. "Should you be lifting that? It looks heavy"
If you're so concerned Susan, you can carry it.

13. "You're starting to really show now"
I think that's because caring about how much weight I would gain by eating a whole packet of biscuits went out the window when I know I'm not going to see past my stomach, regardless of what I eat.

14. "When you due?"
Are you planning to attend the birth? 

15. "Sleep as much as you can, while you can"
If you're so concerned with how much sleep I get you can come around and look after the baby while I nap if you want?

Any other questions??


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