The First (12 Week) Scan

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If someone told me when I first found out I was pregnant that it doesn't seem real until you see your baby on the screen at the first scan I'd have said they were wrong, nothing was more real than seeing the plus sign on the pregnancy test but what did I know?!..

The day of my scan was the most nerve-racking day of my life, forget the nerves you feel before a job interview/starting a new job this was a different level of nerves. I was so happy in my pregnancy bubble that I didn't want anyone to pop it and if anything was abnormal with the baby growing inside of me I was about to find out and I was pretty much certain that something was wrong because I didn't experience any morning sickness/cravings which you can read about in my Am I really pregnant? post.

First things first I had a meltdown in the car because me and my partner (Reggie, you'll hear a lot about him in my posts)  couldn't find anywhere to park and when we did we were in a cue for at least 10 minutes which was so fustrating because on the form it states that being late to your appointment could lead to having to rearrange and as nervous as I was to find out something was wrong with our baby (I'm sure every expectant mum has the same fears) I didn't want to prolong any longer, plus of course I wanted to see the little human, so after a barney with the other half because I was stressing out and the extra hormones of course (I love that excuse, what am I going to do when he/she arrives and I'm just being moody old me?) we finally parked the car and ran to the reception and they were completely understanding of the parking situation to which my partner turned to me with a smug look on his face, any chance ay ladies?

I have watched many people on TV getting ultrasounds (since I've been pregnant I have watched every episode of One Born Every Minute, anyone else?)and I have always wondered what it was like to have one. I'd always wondered was the gel really cold? what does it feel like? and I was about to find out, to my amazement the gel was NOT cold so I felt like a bit of a tit when the sonographer was just about to apply it and my whole body tensed anticipating it to be cold, maybe it was because the room was really warm or that could've just been the nervous sweats. 

I held my breath when the sonographer first placed the scan machine and at first, there was nothing appearing on the screen and of course I thought the worst until he had a good look around and there he/she was sitting pretty in their little bubble (literally) the emotion that overwhelmed me I don't think I can describe, I didn't think I'd feel the way I felt but I guess I could say I just fell in love instantly and was amazed that me and my partner created life. I could have stayed there all day staring at the baby that was appearing on the screen, watching it wiggle and move around and I'm pretty sure he/she waved at us too! 

Luckily enough my partner was asking all the questions because I was just in awe looking at the screen and we were given the all-clear and everything looked like how it was supposed to be which I'm so blessed and thankful for! I did hold in my wee before the scan because I was told that a full bladder makes it a lot easier to see your little bundle of joy which mustn't be true because the sonographer kindly asked me to go and empty my bladder because he couldn't see everything as there was just a massive black blob on the screen that was my full bladder which was such a relief because any longer and I'm not sure my bladder would have been full for long so if you need a wee before your scan I would suggest to just do your business and just have a drink at hand afterward.

Then it was time to message the whole family a picture of their new relative and then stare at the scan picture at any given chance - until the next one was placed in my hand... 

What was your first scan experience like?


  1. I was always so excited yet nervous for all my scans, it’s just amazing to watch this little person inside you and hear their heartbeat! All the best for the rest of your pregnancy!


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