10 Pregnancy Essentials

10 pregnancy essentials - what you need during pregnancy

EVERY pregnancy is different so it's no surprise that what might work for someone else might not work for you and vice versa but there are a few things no pregnant women can survive pregnancy without but I wouldn't panic buy everything that claims it'll make your pregnancy easier as nothing makes pregnancy easier, it softens the blow! 

1. Vitamins - Folic Acid
This is probably going to be the first thing you'll buy after you have come to terms with the positive pregnancy test - this will help prevent birth defects of your baby's brain and spinal cord. - I used Pregnacare as it has pretty much all you need and you only need to take one a day.

2. Appointment Book   
Be prepared for lots of appointments, you're about to feel very popular (or so I did) as you'll have appointment after appointment with a variety of different people from your scans, midwife appointment, blood test, antenatal classes the list goes on so make it as stress free as possible by writing it all down, you don't want to double book yourself, you'll need the rest! 

3. Comfortable Clothes
Just because you're pregnant you don't need to live in leggings and baggy t-shirts, although if that's what you're comfortable in then why not! In pregnancy comfort is key, I practically lived in pyjamas whenever I could get away with it. I live by the rule if I wasn't comfortable wearing it while chilling at home watching tv then why should I wear it when I go out!

4. Baby App
You're going to want to keep track with your pregnancy and if you're anything like me it'll be the app you'll use the most for the next 9 months, yep even more than Facebook! On the app, you can track how many days/weeks you are and how long you have left and a whole lot more, I'm using Pregnancy+ but I haven't actually tried any others as this one does everything I need it to do find one that suits you (there are loads)

5. Stretch Mark Cream
Unless your skin is super stretchy getting away from pregnancy unscathed from stretch marks is a miracle and I would tackle the problem before it occurs as it can only be beneficial for you and your skin, I've learned to love my stretch marks but if someone gave me the option to have them or to not have them I wouldn't have to think twice!

6. Breast Pads
This one is certainly hit or miss as when I asked my older sister and mother why I was leaking like a cow so early on in my pregnancy they had no idea what I was on about as they'd only experienced breast leaking after pregnancy like most women do but be safe rather than sorry and have some spare just in case and they won't go to waste either as you'll most probably need them postnatal. 

7. Rennies (Heartburn tablets)
I cannot express how much these tablets have helped me with heartburn, I don't think I could have survived the last few months without them and stock up you go through them like sweets! (Check recommended daily intake) 

8. A Fan
I don't mean someone who's going to cheer you on through your whole pregnancy that would get quite annoying but you'll definitely want an electric fan to keep you cool when you feel like you could fill a bath with your own sweat, it doesn't help I'm pregnant during the height of summer but believe me when I tell you post-pregnancy me and my partner use to have arguments about him always having the fan on (even during winter) and now I'm first to turn it on, blame it on the extra blood flow!

9. A Hot Water Bottle
A bit of a contradiction but a hot water bottle is perfect for backache and muscular tension, it's just an all-round comfort and I'm sure you've probably already got one in your cupboard!

10. A Netflix Account 
What do you do when the baby you're carrying is taking everything you've got to give and you've got no energy left, sit on the sofa with a hot drink with your hot water bottle (see I told you it would come in handy) and watch Netflix of course! If you haven't yet been able to think of a better reason to spend your weekends watching film after film, here's your reason and I can't think of a better reason!

What is helping/helped you through pregnancy? 


  1. Ha ha out of all these I think Netflix was a life saver for me! Especially when psd & sciatica hit and I couldn't make it upstairs to bed...the sofa was my friend!


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