Welcome to Mum, Me & I blog! This blog is focused on all things pregnancy, motherhood/fatherhood, and family life. I decided to start this blog after frantically googling my way through pregnancy and finding other fellow pregnant women's opinions/personal experiences very helpful, calming and insightful and as a blogger of a beauty blog (Subject Beauty), I decided to start a brand new blog about my new adventure as a pregnant soon to be mum! 

I hope with many stories of my pregnancy journey and beyond will help other mums/mums to know they are not alone or even just be here as a person someone can reach out to and ask a billion questions, I'm only an email away - mummeandi@outlook.com or you can comment any questions you have, don't be shy!

I also pride myself in being brutally honest in all my post about my experiences even if sometimes its a little TMI, I'm not here to sugar coat anything and make my experiences sound like something from romantic movie scene, we need a little bit more honestly on the internet not everything is rainbows and fairy dust, sometimes it's laughing so much you wee yourself that's the beauty of life! 

About Mum:

My name is Sinead and I'm a 20 something mum to be, I live in Essex (I didn't go to sugar hut every Saturday night post-pregnancy, alright hun) I'm actually a 40 year old in the wrong body, I'd much rather be sat in front of the TV on a Saturday night with a takeaway instead of getting dolled up to go out and it all end in tears (or was that just my nights out?) I work full time as a career, which I will most probably be giving up once the little tot comes, which I can't wait for, a full-time mum is something I've always wanted to be, but I'm not at that stage yet so who knows I might change my mind on that but by then it'll be too late... join me on my journey and I'd love to hear about yours! 

About Me:

My due date is 7th October the same day My Nan and Grandad were born! Suprise. I know my gender but mum & dad don't find out until the 22nd of May! 

See you soon! 
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